We provide a wide range of services:

Fast Calculation services

Send us the room-type file of the building in Excel format:

No Room type m2

101 OFFICE 20

102 OFFICE 12

And we will calculate the cleaning personel needed for your building.

You can send us many buildings in the same file, just mention the name of each building separately. All the results are based on impartial work-studies. You will get the times, work instructions to every room and costs.

Ask for an offer of this service. This will save your time!  Many different quality-options available for your cleaning needs: high standard - normal - economic or very cheap!

Work-study based measuring of Cleaning tasks for Architects - service from Clean Basic

Count the Need of Personnel for Cleaning duties based on the room list.

Please send us the list of the building: room number, room type and the square metres. We will calculate  the cleaning staff needed. If it is a future building or an existing one, our service is suitable for both of them. We have over 30 years of experience on this service.

Send in an Excel file :
101 Corridor     46 m2
102 WC             4 m2
103  WC             4 m2
104 Office        18 m2 etc

And You will get the times, work instructions for every single room and the cleaning costs for the job / month in pdf-format. Send the files to or

Test and be surprised!


We provide both class room and online training on our software. We can also support our services and software solutions via e-mail or telephone.