CleanCAD 2000

CleanNet® can be integrated with CAD (Computer aided design) software in order to illustrate building or town plans, colouring the drawing for several information uses and counting the m2/ ft2 areas.  

  • CleanCAD 2000 is a specified application developed for building service contract companies for bidding and for the Facility Management functions. CleanCAD 2000 has the normal CAD-functions, such as stretch, m2/ft2 define, copy, move, delete, colouring, using various scales etc.
  • CleanCAD 2000 provides you with complete printing facilities allowing you to print Vector and Raster documents directly from CleanCAD 2000. User can define the scale of printing or use fit to pages command. User can colour the rooms and the spaces. CAD application can transfer information to the CleanNet®. You can have the plan archives on the server.
  • CleanCAD 2000 can be linked to AutoCAD DWG and DXF formats and it supports a large number of raster format. CleanCAD 2000 exports and imports data and colours between AutoCad or AutoCadLt 2000i and CleanNet® applications.