Calculate the Need of Personnel for Cleaning based on the room list.
The fairly measured need of the cleaning staff, based on objective workstudies, is important for the client. The client of an architect wants to know very early on, what will be the cleaning costs of a building annually during the building's life cycle.

Please send the list of the building: room number, room type and the square metres to us. We will calculate  the cleaning staff needed. If it is a future building or an old one, our service is suitable for both of them. We have experience of over 30 years in this service.

Send in an Excel file as follows:

101 Corridor     46 m2
102 WC             4 m2
103  WC             4 m2
104 Office        18 m2 etc

And You will get the work times, work instructions for every single room and the cleaning costs for the job / month in pdf-format. Send the files to or

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